27 December 2009

Big UI changes coming for ImDrunk

So for most of my professional career I have been a ‘backend’ server programmer. This UI stuff is hard. I have made some changes to the ‘look and feel’ of ImDrunk. I think it makes the ‘Breathalyzer 3000” more fun, and better looking. So its better, but now I now I’m torn between waiting for my pending update to be approved, and posting this update to iTunesConnect. On the on the one hand, the update sitting in the queue fixes some funky rotation issues, and thats usability. On the other hand, this update has those fixes plus it looks a whole bunch better, and if I don’t wait for the first update to be approved I lose my spot in the queue.

So I am not sure. I’m thinking about it.

Thanks Apple

Lost in the shuffle of rolling out my first application to iTunes, was a special thank you to Apple’s Application review people. I didn’t speak to them, I made no special appeal, I was content to take my chances. I had heard horror stories about weeks wait, and I had been told 10 days best case scenario. I had also heard that Apple was making a special effort to get applications onto the store in time for the “Holidays”. Well “Thank you, app store review team”. They got my app up on the store in less than 24 hours, in time for New Year’s eve. Probably the most important date for a Blood Alcohol Content calculator.

Enjoy your holiday.

Pushed an update to iTunes

It has only been one day on the store. Already I’m pushing an update? Yes, found some problems with grammar, and a funky rotation issue. I think I fixed the rotation issues, and thanks to some friends I’ve corrected the grammar stuff. I also added Lbs. to weight display - to make that clearer. I avoided mixing in metric because, I don’t want to deal with internationalizing just yet. I will, just not yet. Thanks to computermatt, check out his blog.

It's alive

So here we go .. ImDrunk is live on Apple’s iTunes store. Admob my “Ad” supplier says it can’t find it, I can find it! Hopefully it just takes a little while for their servers to catch up. Hey It’s alive. 8)

I have submitted my application

So it is done. It has been submitted. Wow. The submission process was as hard as many have warned me about. Last minute stuff, like someone was already using the name I had chosen - So the app is now called ImDrunk. Its Cool. I’m good with that. Anyway in a few days, I’ll post a video of the app. They say the average time to approval or rejection is 10 days, so I have some time.

Almost ready, I mean I'm ready

So tonight is the night before submitting my application. Apple closing iTunes connect for the holidays has caused a bit nervousness for me, I am ready to submit the application, but I am checking everything twice. So I have spent the night testing, prepping icons for both the store and the app, making screens prettier, chasing down memory leaks. ... I’m ready will see how this goes.