03 January 2010

New version is available

The new version is available on iTunes. Leave feedback on iTunes. I will accommodate all reasonable requests. Thanks.

Waiting for Approval of 1.1

So I am waiting for apple to approve version 1.1 of ImDrunk. I think I made a mistake, when I submitted my application for approval this time. iTuneConnect had a section to submit new screenshots for the application, I thought the iTunes would be using those - I would be changing the screenshots that were on the store (which would not match), so I decided that I would wait to change the screenshots until after approval. Wrong. The screenshots are unique to each version (makes much more sense that way), so that may be the delay. I submitted screenshots for the new version, hopefully this will clear up eventually.

Anyway heres a new screencast for ImDrunk

new verions of ImDrunk posted

Version 1.01 is available on iTunes now. Fixes some problems with rotation and corrects some spelling mistakes, yes spelling mistakes. Can’t wait for 1.1 to make it to the store. Submitting it today.

A new screencast

Here’s a new screencast showing the UI improvements for ImDrunk. I am going to wait for Apple to approve my current bug fix update, before posting this version to iTunesConnect. The version on the store has a very funky problem with rotation. I only found the problem when I dropped the iPhone when demoing the ImDrunk application to a friend. What was I saying about coding defensively, man I thought I tested the thing to death and thought never occurred to me that you might be able to rotate the phone quicker than the views can change. When you do that, it found some weaknesses in my code, ah assumptions. Anyway, the code waiting on approval should fix that problem, and this new code makes ImDrunk look better. At least thats what I think.